ArtSee offers unique services to communicate, manage and create opportunity within the cultural community. 


a b o u t.

Our creative, focused and enthusiastic team helps to facilitate the connection of artists to a wider audience, and can introduce artists into any business model. Our approach is to combine traditional communications, management and curation techniques with new and innovative ideas. 


We strive to help our clients achieve their professional goals, connect the cultural and corporate world, and facilitate the promotion of art and artists.


s e r v i c e s.

we work with artists and organizations
in several different ways:

 +1: c o m m u n i c a t e

ArtSee hopes to bring more awareness and discussion surround the work of our clients. Whether that’s in a national publication, local newspaper or in the ever-growing blogging community, ArtSee hopes to increase your exposure. 

We focus on traditional and digital media to share your message and foster connections between the corporate and art world. We provide services from crafting the perfect press release, to managing your social media platforms, to finding new marketing opportunities for your artwork, exhibition or project. 

Example: The Fridge: Fresh Produce 

+2: c r e a t e

ArtSee believes that all artists create art to be seen. We hope to facilitate opportunities to share local, emerging art with new audiences. An office, a living room, a hotel lobby; name the space and we’ll bring the art. 

Our hope is to tailor traditional exhibitions to fit any space or business. We work with small businesses, non-profits and organizations to incorporate art into their business model. Whether it be a one night event or temporary installation, ArtSee specializes in creating the exhibition that fits your needs. 

Example: TTRSIR

+3: m a n a g e 

ArtSee believes that all artists are their own small business, one that should thrive. But how do you manage that small business while creating a masterpiece? 

We work with artists of all mediums to manage their portfolio, submissions, exhibitions, and the promotion of their work. Our goal is to give artists time to focus on their work while we take care of the rest.  

 Example: Chris Baer 


s e l e c t e d   c l i e n t s.


s e l e c t e d   p r e s s.