ArtSee is an arts management and communications agency providing services in art events and exhibitions, curation, marketing, public relations and personal and professional development for emerging artists. 

Our creative, focused and enthusiastic team helps to facilitate the promotion and increased exposure of art and artists through exhibitions, art event management and unique opportunities. 

ArtSee provides the opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to discover news and events in the art world, exchange art and ideas, and promote art. 

Our services assist our clients in achieving their professional goals, strive to connect the art community as a whole and facilitate the promotion of art and artists through exhibitions, communications and art events. 


s e r v i c e s.

we work with artists and organizations
in several different ways:

 +1:   a r t i s t   s e r v i c e s

ArtSee focuses on professional development and business management for artists. Through our affordable, accessible and tailored approach, artists can expect ArtSee to manage their business so they can create their art. Our knowledge of the local and international art market gives ArtSee an edge and helps create a professional presentation of our client’s work.

here’s how:
+ in house exhibitions
+ exhibitions 
+ art consulting
+ collections management 
+ exhibition and collection installation

+2: c r e a t i v e  s e r v i c e s
We execute creative and effective outcomes. We can act as planners, producers and managers to any unique idea. Using the experience and knowledge of the art world at large, we create memorable artistic experiences.

here’s how: 

+ pop UP and temporary exhibitions 
+ media coverage and marketing
+ full-scale event planning
+ art program development
+ event/exhibition production

+3: c o r p o r a t e   
     s e r v i c e s
Through our services we work with organizations to incorporate the arts into their business model. Through our great connections and relationships to local and emerging artists, ArtSee can assist any organization in building their exhibition or collection. We connect artists and corporations for powerful and meaningful transactions.

here’s how: 

+ digital & traditional PR and marketing
portfolio management 
+ submissions and exhibition placement
+ art review consultations 
+ web and social media consulting and management


c l i e n t s.